Remote Monitoring

We are proud to be supporting clinical trial continuity by enabling Remote Monitoring in a secure and private manner, providing Monitors access to eSource and document exchange, where the data is encrypted (in-transit and at rest) and accessed only through multi-factor authentication.

Further information about this and the data sovereignty aspects is readily available.

We run multiple daily training sessions for Monitors and Site Staff.

eISF and eTMF Scanning and Indexing Service

Sites are requested from time to time to upload Site documents to external platforms – we support Sites and Sponsors with these upload and indexing activities.

SiteDocs Portal is used by Sites for the secure long term custody of the Site content, however TrialDocs support is also given for upload to Sponsor and CRO platforms. Providing Site, CRO and Sponsor scanning services, onsite and offsite. Independent of Portal, eISF or eTMF, we support clients with the scanning, upload, indexing and certification of paper documents. Assisting with short-term or long-term storage of agreed retained paper documents.

SiteDocs Portal

Multiple Service Tiers are available:

from $399

from $1,795

from $2,450


Site Payments Services

There are several reasons why up to 30% of Site Payments are never invoiced to the Sponsor throughout the course of a trial.

Site teams and supporting Monitors are often time-poor and while elements of the Site Payments are eagerly tracked and followed up, other aspects hang in the balance of experience and time-management.

Sponsors and Sites are time-leveraged with TrialDocs’ Services, supporting with payment set up, tracking and processing capability.

Archiving – Electronic and Paper

Post Study Close-Out, historically, Sites remain with several Archive cartons, while Sponsors manage hundreds of cartons at Close-Out.

We support with long term archiving of these cartons, either as paper cartons or with digital archiving services.

We execute paper or electronic archiving at the country level which is supportive of Sites. Sponsors and CROs also benefit by way of the regional Asia Pacific Archiving capability, enabling a low-cost central scanning model or paper archiving for Sponsors and CROs.

Sites benefit with an upfront archiving fee and with no ongoing monthly fees.